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Welcome to Bel-Air Associates!  A veteran owned small business in Central New York.

Director of Operations, Robert Belisario has logged more than 12,000 flight hours in his 30 plus years of flight experience in the Northeastern United States and Canada.  Of those 30 plus years, he has served 25 as a Certified Flight Instructor, including over 6,000 hours of dual instruction given.  He's also an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for the Rochester, NY FSDO.

Robert Belisario



Primary Training

Advanced Training

Specialty Services

Have you just purchased the airplane of your dreams, but now you can't find a qualified instructor with the flexibility to work with you on your time line?

Looking for transition and annual re-current training?  Do you want to be as safe as the professionals?  Need some FAA mandated remedial training?  Do you need your airplane moved someplace or brought back home?  Has your non-flying spouse expressed a desire to learn a little more about what a pilot does  when the two of you fly together?



Are you tired of canceling trips at the last minute because of marginal or IFR conditions?  Or are you already certified to fly IFR and you're looking to pursue professional flying, get your high performance or high altitude endorsement?

From Satisfied Customers!

"Robert is a true professional in every sense of the word. He exudes confidence which was transferred to me through his teaching. I have always enjoyed working with Robert and look forward to doing it again!" 


- Daniel Murray, President at Murray's Heating & Air Cond. L.L.C.

"I've had the opportunity to go flying with Rob on many occasions and he's always teaching...making sure you can be the best, safest pilot you can be. His patience with his students is outstanding...he knows a student pilot can be a nervous pilot...and he has a calming effect that is vital to the learning process.  Rob is an instructor that isn't teaching so he can build time to be an airline pilot, he's teaching because he loves it. I highly recommend Rob's services to anyone that wants to realize their dream to fly." 


-  William Green, Commercial Production Manager at CNY Central Media Group


"Rob's years of practical experience in the cockpit brings a flight training curriculum to life. His ability to read situations and understand his students makes it seem like he is taking the journey of flight discovery right along with you."


- Michael Meath, Founder and President, Strategic Communications, LLC


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